Quality Management

Our Definition of Quality

The management board of the AFS GmbH defines quality as a long-term fulfillment of our customer’s requirements and expectations. Process-oriented approaches regarding continuous improvement generate a high level of customer satisfaction.

In times of globalization and liberation of markets, the general conditions get more complex, which means that decisions made by the management become a necessity of fast outworking. To satisfy all requirements, reactive handling is not adequate anymore. That is why the company is seen as an ever learning institution, and quality assurance is only efficient if administered as a continuous and forward-looking process.

The AFS GmbH is endued with a meaningful Management Information System, and also with a number of inspection and control instruments, for instance an accredited test equipment monitoring. Therefore, an early recognition of possible risks can be guaranteed as well as taking appropriate countermeasures.

Always on the Client’s Side

The development of new products and new projects is a matter of taking the costumer’s wishes into action. As already practiced with many corporations, we seek to be early involved into new development. The personal and technical development capacity are individually conformed to the requirements.

To satisfy our client’s expectations of a favorable cost-perfomance ratio, we do not only calculate production costs in Germany, but also consider possibilities in other European member states. This course of action assures us to be able to compete internationally.

Encouragement of Advanced Training

The global economical and technical dynamism forces our corporation to permanently adapt to continuously intensifying competition. We expect, particularly from our executives, that they are willing to commit to live-long education in order to be able to actively engage in shaping the rules of the industry. Every co-worker gets encouraged to choose from an activity-catalogue to add new capabilities to his occupational qualifications.

The AFS GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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