For the production via pressure diecasting, we are disposing of casting machines from 150 to 700 t closing pressure. This allows for the manufacture of aluminium parts with up to three kilos. A mechanical method like pressure diecasting ensures an efficient production of casting parts with a complex geometry, a high dimension accuracy and component strength.

Through heat-treatment, it is possible to establish certain characteristics (tensile strength, elastic limit, breaking elongation and abrasiveness) in pressure-casted aluminium parts. While chill- and sand-casted parts may undergo any heat-treatment without restrictions, only certain modern diecasting technologies e. g. vacuum-casting, enable a broad heat-treatment.


Pressure diecasting:

  • EN AC-46000 AlSi9Cu3(Fe) (Leg. 226D)
  • EN AC-44300 AlSi12(Fe) (Leg. 230D)
  • EN AC-47100 AlSi12Cu1(Fe) (Leg. 231D)
  • EN AC-43400 AlSi10Mg(Fe) (Leg. 239D)

    For special purposes:

  • EN AC-48000 AlSi12CuNiMg (Leg. 260)
  • Unifont 90 AlZn10Si8Mg (U90, formerly Durfondal 108)
  • Silafont 36 AlSi9MgMn (SF36)


  • ZnAl4Cu1 (Z 410)
  • ZnAl4Cu3 (Z 430)

    Please feel free to ask about other alloys.

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